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Mr. Barrett Y. Bogue attending the closing ceremony honoring the VET Initiative class of 2019.

Washington, D.C. - Evocati announced the successful conclusion to their partnership with The Washington Center today. In May, both organizations partnered to design a curriculum for up to 25 student veterans interning in Washington, D.C. as part of TWC’s VET Initiative. The Veterans Employment Trajectory Initiative was a 10-week professional immersion program hosted by TWC and supported by Prudential where student veterans were matched with an internship that fits their career goals. The cohort also received classroom instruction that focused on workforce preparedness like resume writing, personal branding, job interviewing, networking, and job search skills. TWC partnered with Evocati to design, facilitate, and present the classroom curriculum.

“Any business that wants to improve workforce development policies or increase veteran recruitment should look no further than the comprehensive example set by The Washington Center’s VET Initiative,” said Barrett Y. Bogue, Evocati’s President and Founder. “This is a program that truly prepares and educates veterans for success in the workforce with demonstrated results.”

The Washington Center’s VET Initiative class of 2019.

Mr. Bogue served as Faculty Advisor for the duration of the program and proctored a redesigned curriculum. The 2019 cohort reported a significant improvement in learning outcomes. Sixty-six percent reported feeling confident they could fit into corporate culture at the beginning of the program; 95% reported feeling confident at the end of the program. Sixty-two percent said they felt confident translating military skills into civilian language; 100% reported confidence in that ability at the end of the program.

“Barrett Bogue of Evocati LLC is exactly the type of industry-leading professional The Washington Center strives to connect with our students,” said Chris Norton, president, The Washington Center. “The value Barrett contributed as our VET Initiative Faculty Advisor, both in terms of guest speakers and curriculum, is evident in the cohort’s assessment of their ability to compete in the job market. In the initial “pre–VET” survey, 50 percent reported they can compete. Following their summer with Barrett, the rate leapt to 100 percent. That type of outcome is only possible thanks to Evocati’s expertise and passion to help student veterans and TWC."



Founded in 2018, Evocati provides consulting services to business and nonprofit ventures that want to realize their potential inside the military-connected community. Through strategic communication, brand positioning, program and policy formulation, and event planning, Evocati works with business and nonprofit leaders to identify, plan, and exploit areas inside the military-community to experience the highest return on investment. Evocati is a service-disabled veteran owned small business that operates in the Washington, D.C. metro area.


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